Saturday, February 26, 2011

Speak Easy Note #49 - 10 Communication Advice Tweets

So guess who's been tweeting?  I decided to create a Twitter version of Speak Easy Notes called SpeakEasyCoach.  It's been an excellent and demanding challenge to condense important communication advice into 140 characters.  Here is a list of the first ten:

 1. Always experience a level playing field of communication. See the equal, two-way street of communication in every verbal exchange.

2. Non-verbal communication exceeds 90% of how communication is received. Monitor voice tone and facial expression to diminish dual messages.

3. Acknowledge what others think or want. Validate others’ positions before promoting your own. See validation as different from agreement.

4. Communication requires listening. The more you listen and communicate what you’ve heard, the more others will listen to your views.

5. Choose positive ways to express negative thought. Use affirmative language if possible. Avoid negative and confrontational communication.

6. Don’t say what happened to you; describe what happened and what you’re doing as a result. Victim statements weaken how others see you.

7. Avoiding communication can be worse than the actual conversation you’re dreading. Anticipation frequently weighs much more than actuality.

8. Withholding the truth undermines communication. Embellishing reality leads to trouble. Never distort or misrepresent. Trust the truth.

9. Saying too much is unappealing and unfruitful. Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t tell how to make a watch when asked for the time.

10. The qualifiers: some, a little, probably, kind of, sort of, I think, I believe, only just, I guess diminish communication. Avoid them.

Until next time,

The Wordsmith

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